Revolutionary externally flush tilt & turn window

The Spectus tilt & turn also overcomes aperture limitations. The window opening up to 1450mm width x 2300 height maximum, allows for a generous flood of natural light and ventilation into the building. Suitable applications: new build apartments, housing, hotels, offices, health, education and public buildings.


The flush tilt & turn window boasts two opening positions – a tilt mode and a turn mode. The tilt mode offers secure ventilation, an improve factor in ground floor installations; and the turn mode enables cleaning of the window to be carried out without risk - a vital consideration in high-rise applications.


Incorporating an anti-switch barrier, the flush tiltturn window is fitted with a unique security feature that prevents accidental movement from tilt to turn or vice versa. Anti-slam is fitted as standard and the gearing is invisible for improved aesthetics. Restrictors can be fitted for extra security in mediumhigh rise buildings.

Thermal performance

The exceptional thermal performance of the flush tilt-turn window is achieved by a 6-chamber sash and a 5-chamber outer frame, which achieves a WER ‘A++’ rating when glazed with argon-filled triple glazing. The system reduces costs by eliminating the need for expensive Krypton gas filled units, insulation in the profiles or expensive special reinforcement. In addition, we have integrated the innovative ‘Aeroframe’ thermal wall technology into the window design, which has proven to provide greater thermal performance through its complex ‘thermal barrier’ technology.


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Window Features

  • Flush, urban and modern design
  • No overlapping of framework externally
  • High performance centre seal system – optional 3rd weather seal
  • Triple glazing can achieve u-values 0.8 W/(m2.K)
  • Achieves WER A++
  • Design flexibility with maximum opening size up to 1450 width x 2300mm height
  • Glazing options: 28, 36 & 44mm
  • Perfect for medium-high rise buildings
  • uites with market leading 70mm window systems
  • Available in a range of 28 colours including dual options
  • ash is neatly positioned inside the frame
  • Six-chambered sash and five-chambered outer frame with “aeroframe” technology
  • Concealed hinges & gearing
  • Overcomes design issues with traditional tilt-turn windows
  • Recycled composite outer frame

A Touch of Colour

Available in a large range of colour and woodgrain foil finishes allowing customers to match their windows to the age and style of the property .

Standard colours include White, Cream, Rosewood, Light Oak Customers can mix and match, for example; opting for a woodgrain finish to the exterior and white on the inside. A wider range of RAL colours can be achieved with modern paint applications.